Sunday, October 27, 2013

2 months

I've managed to keep this little guy alive for two months.....unfortunately, he hates me now for shoving him into this costume, and I suspect he's contacted CPS to report me for tormenting him. This costume is cute, but the makers didn't really think the design all the way through, since getting (uh, shoving....) Cal into it took so much effort that I was actually sweating (and repeatedly saying "I'm sorry! I'm sorrrrrrrry!!!") by the end of it, and he hit a level of hysterics that I'd never seen from him before, but by the time it got that bad, there was no turning back... On top of it just being really hard to get him into, it involves him wearing something hat-like on his head, and this kid DOES NOT do hats.... I do appreciate that he allowed me this one non-screaming/flailing shot before he resumed going ape shit....

Mommy is sorry, little dude.